BSH Inventory Arrival…just in time for Vagkraft

It’s always fun when the delivery man knocks on your door with car parts isn’t it?

Check out the BSH goodies we received for the Vagkraft show we’re sponsoring this Sunday.

Box Contents:

(2) Stage 2 PCV VW Kits
(2) Stage 2 PCV B7 Kits
(2) Stage 2+ PCV VW Kits
(2) FSI Intakes
(2) TSI Stage 1 Intakes
(1) TSI Stage 2 Pipe
(4) Torque Arm Inserts

This stuff was packaged insanely well. Arizona to Toronto in 6 business days and in perfect condition just in time for the show. Thanks BSH!


Digging around


What's under those heat shields?

First 'layer' of parts

First 'layer' of parts


PCV Stage 2 and 2+ Kits!


More peanuts than the UPS store itself!


Hoses, Couplers and Clamps


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