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Official P3 Mk5/Mk6 Digital Boost Gauge GROUP BUY IS LIVE!!

October 25, 2010

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived!!

The P3 Digital Boost Gauge Group Buy is NOW LIVE!!

All orders are being handled through P3’s website for simplicity. All pricing is listed in the links below. There are a limited number of spots so get your orders submitted!

Mk5 Digital Boost Gauge:

Mk6 Digital Boost Gauge:

There are 3 different versions of the gauge. Here are the descriptions for each.

P3 Digital Interface including an analog sensor for boost/vac readings ONLY. Has optional inputs for 2 other sensors (not included, pre-programmed for AFR from LC-1 and oil pressure sender). Requires boost tap, recommended for users replacing existing gauges. Includes 6 feet of vacuum tubing and PnP (plug-and-play) power harness.

Standard (BEST VALUE!)
P3 Digital Interface gauge hardware and P3 smart board for ECU live data via the OBD2 port including, but not limited to, Boost/Vac, AIT, Timing, RPM w/shiftlight, 0-60 timer, EGT, OBD2 Code read/clear and inputs for 3 other sensors (sensors not included). This version reads all data including Boost/Vac from the OBD2 port. Plug and play install into your vent with no cutting or drilling!

This is the same as the Standard version, but you get an analog boost sensor included for those who wish to read boost from an independent sensor.

The “PLUS” option gets you an extra OEM Vent with the gauge pre-installed. (there is no cutting or drilling on the non-plus versions, but this is a time saver if you are in a hurry).

How to order?
You can order on P3Cars’ secure website by clicking on the respective links above.

AIM: RedlineMotorwrks


0-60 Timer

In Action

Features List

  • High resolution boost/vaccum readings via diagnostics port with no senors required
  • Simple install – plug and play with no cutting, drilling, or permanent modifications of ANY kind
  • Monitor live engine data for boost/vac, intake air temp, coolant temp, throttle blade position, actual ignition timing, EGT and more with a single easy connection
  • 3x Optional analog sensor inputs for additional boost, AFR, and oil pressure
  • Digital RPM readout with shift light
  • Automatic start and stop 0-60 timer for evaluating your cars performance
  • 15 second “run record” data logging to replay a quarter mile run and evaluate boost spikes or dips
  • Diagnostic code scan and reset
  • OEM integration, fit and finish
  • Precisely color matched to the VW red interior lighting
  • Automatic dimmer to match brightness
  • Non-glare black smoked glass face
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Easy to navigate 2 button menu
  • Optionally disable features you don’t want to view
  • Easy to install firmware upgrades to add new features and functionality as they are released