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New Products for the 997 Turbo from Agency Power

August 8, 2009

Agency Power has just released a few hot new items for all the Porsche 997 Turbo owners out there. Redline Motorworks is direct with Agency Power which allows us to give our customers the best pricing possible.

Agency Power 997 Turbo Muffler

Turbocharged cars do not need any back pressure and ideally perform best with no restriction off of the turbo exhaust outlet. However, this would cause your car to be incredibly loud and not comfortable for daily use.

Agency Power has developed this exhaust system to give Porsche 997 Turbo owners a race tone exhaust without the dreaded drone in the 2200-2800 rpm range.

The exhaust features high flow 200 cell catalytic converters which work with the factory O2 primary and secondary sensors to not throw a check engine light. The all 304 stainless steel is mechanically TIG welded and then mirror polished for a final product that only belongs on a exotic car like the Porsche.

Customers who purchase this exhaust will enjoy weight savings of 50% and gains of 21 AWHP and 32 lb-ft of torque.

Check out more information about the exhaust here.

Agency Power 997 Turbo Muffler

Agency Power 997 Turbo Boost Recirculation Valves

These new boost recirculation valves from Agency Power are perfect for any 997 Turbo. These are a must-have if you are running a more aggressive tune or bigger turbos.

Like on the older 996 Turbo, the stock valves use a rubber diaphragm which will leak boost in the higher RPM range. This part also deteriorates over time leading to boost failure. The new Agency Power BRV uses a piston and spring design which holds boost pressure all the way to redline and with the VTG design, helps boost come in stronger.

Each valve has been CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. The base of the valve was precision engineered down to the ten-thousandth to fit into the stock VTG turbocharger. You have your choice of black or blue.

You can purchase them here.

Agency Power Boost Recirculation Valves