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Winter Wheels & Tires!!

November 12, 2010

It’s that time of the year where the days are shorter, the temperature is colder and the road conditions are downright dangerous!

Do you have your winter wheels and tires installed yet?

Well if you are going to be driving at all this winter season, winter tires should be high on your list of priorities. Winter tires allow you to brake quicker, give you improved grip and handling and most importantly keep everyone in your vehicle safe. Running summer times and even all-seasons during the winter is not a very wise decision. Sure it’ll save you from having to buy some winter tires but here is a quick list of why winters are superior to anything else.

  • Winter tires feature a soft rubber compound which allow them to be more flexible and conform to the road conditions even in the coldest temperatures. Summer tires have a hard compound which will essentially solidify in colder temperatures and you won’t have any grip since there is no flexibility in the compound.
  • The tread pattern and design on winter tires are designed to dig and bite into the snow which give you that added grip and control in those slippery conditions.
  • You’re only as strong as your weakest link. If you run summer tires, your brakes and stability/traction systems won’t function as effectively. By running winter tires, your brakes and stability/traction systems can do a better job.
  • It’s also not wise to run winters on your driven wheels and summers or all-seasons on the others. Again, you will only have good grip on half of your tires. For example, if you have a front wheel drive car and only put winters up front, your car will be very prone to spinning out and oversteering during cornering since you essentially have no grip in the rear.

You may ask yourself why don’t I run winters all year round? Well since the compound of a winter tire is very soft, the tires will wear out a lot quicker in the warmer months. The heat will cause them to be even softer. They are also a lot noisier than a set of summer tires. Once the snow is gone, swap back to your summers!

Contact us for details on equipping your vehicle with a winter setup that suits your needs!

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